Welcome to CromPugs

With this site we'd like to make a good pug-raid community on Age of Conan's Crom server. This is not a guild or an alliance, anyone can join with an easy signup method. This is about premade and organized pug T3 runs and high-end (Temple of Erlik and Jade Citadel) raids: if you can't raid with your guild where you want to, try it here. On this site you find weekly raids you can sign up and have fun with experienced players.

Why is it good for you? You can plan your week, and can plan your fix raids. You don't have to wait till you see a forming pugraid on Global, instead you will know everything days earlier. Since our raids are pugs, there is no DKP system, and the loot rules are always free for all (within some correct restrictions), no reserved relics or shards.


1. Your signup to a raid doesn't mean automatically you are the part of the raid. The raidleader has to Confirm your signup - it will happen in at least 12 hours before the raid. Check back: if you see yourself in "Confirmed Attendees" and as a part of a Signup Group, you can be sure you will be invited when the raid starts.

2. Please do not late. If you signed up a confirmed for a raid, please be online at the raid instance's entrance in 10 minutes before the raid starts. And please have all neccessary items (potions, various armorsets if needed) right with you in your inventory.

3. Please note: every raid has one leader. So please do as RL says.

4. Please be aware for the raid's name and descriptions: if you see EXP, it means we welcome only experienced players (familiar with the boss tactics and well geared) for that raid. If you see TS3, it means you have to join our TeamSpeak3 server. If you see NEW, it means any inexperienced, newby players are welcome - it is a great option to gain experience.

5. Please note: all times are GMT. If you are not sure what it means, check it:


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